Samuel Parmar was probably the principal contact and driver for the Global Semester in Allahabad. At the time of our orientation lectures in the spring of 1971, we all received a mimeographed copy of his paper "The Role of the European Expatriate in Asia." He would have been the primary lecturer for our Indian coursework in Allahabad if he had not gotten sick before we arrived. Parmar died in 1979.

An obituary: "We can report the death of Professor Dr. Samuel L. Parmar of India. Prof Parmar was one of the staunch leaders of SCM {Student Christian Movement} of India and served as a Vice-Chairperson of the Federation and a member of the Executive Committee as well. He was also a leader of the National Christian Council of India and for some time pivotal in the life of the Christian Institute for the Study of Religion and Society (CISRS) in Bangalore. He taught Economics at the Allahabad University and wielded great influence in the minds and lives of many students and Christian colleagues. For a time, he served on the faculty of the Bossey Ecumenical Institute and was involved in the life of the World Council of Churches. He was ill for several years and died in his native India earlier this year."