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There was a major passport problem that developed over the summer of 1971. While they were at the Ethiopian embassy getting stamped for visas all of our passports were destroyed in a fire. Somehow, some way, the State Department was able to re-issue all of the passports. However, there wasn't time to mail the new passports back to us before departure so the Narums had to give each of us our new passport in New York before we left for Rome. When we got our new passports we discovered that someone (probably Reidar Dittmann himself) had forged our signatures (on the "Signature of Bearer" line) in each one. (There never would have been time to get the re-issued passports back to us and still have obtained the necessary visas. A signature was necessary to get a visa. Therefore a forgery would be required.) In most cases, the forgeries were surprisingly good. In some other cases, not so good. Ann frankly told a dubious customs official in one of the countries that her signature had been forged. He waved her through anyway.

According to the official notice from the college our required inoculations were: smallpox (or evidence of one in previous three years), cholera, typhus, tetanus, diphtheria, and yellow fever. Either the person who assembled this list thought that typhus was the same as typhoid, forgot to list it, or else the typhoid shot was truly not required (hard to believe). Anyway, we all got the typhoid fever inoculation. With variable results.