The 1971-72 Global Semester, Day by Day

Friday, August 27, 1971

Departed MSP on a sunny day at 12:30 CDT. Arrived in New York and found it muggy and cloudy. Jeff Jerde led us all across the airport to the makeshift and dilapidated Alitalia counter where we checked in.

Departed Kennedy a little after 9:00 PM. The flight (747) from New York to Rome was about 3/4 full and about half the people on it were Italians. The stewardesses were sleazy looking and sullen but the food was good and the flight was smooth. We tried to sleep but the seats weren’t very comfortable and it got light at 1:30 AM (Minneapolis time). We followed the 53rd parallel across to England and then turned and flew south over London, France, the Swiss Alps, and Italy to Rome.

Saturday, August 28, 1971

We arrived to a sunny day in Rome at 11:30 AM Rome time. The ride from the airport to Rome was smooth on a cute little new bus. The weather was mid-70s and humid.

After checking into the Hotel Adriano, we took a nap and then had a weary sightseeing trip with our guide Rosie.


Saw forums, catacombs, old Appian Way, old racetracks (circuses) and the Colosseum.


We were all tired and grumpy and didn’t appreciate what we saw. We were hot, sweaty, and thirsty but without any lire at the time to buy those expensive Coca Colas Rosie always led us by.


Our hotel, Adriano, looks like it was built in the middle ages from the outside.


The inside is a little better – small room with narrow cots but clean and with a sink. Toilet, bidet, and shower (shared) are across the hall. The lobby is sort of nice. Supper was OK. Rice and peas then breaded veal and cooked cucumbers and potatoes and a peach for dessert. The water tastes like it has chlorine bleach in it. The tap water is wonderful, however.

Sunday, August 29, 1971

Breakfast was three slices of bread with butter and jam and water and tea. Then another shotgun sightseeing tour with Rosie.

Sightseeing: Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Via Vittorio Veneto, the Pantheon, and the Vatican.


At noon we ate at the Bar Tre Scalina on the Piazza Navona. Their specialty is the tartufo, a dark chocolate ice cream rolled in hunks of chocolate and topped with whipped cream. It was expensive – coffees were 350 lire each and the tartufos were about 500 lire each (600 lire to the dollar).


Sunday night supper at the hotel was ravioli, chicken, potatoes, salad, and some kind of layered cake.

Monday, August 30, 1971

A free day: we walked around the city with Marylou and Dirk.


Supper at the hotel was spaghetti, veal, and a sort of scalloped potatoes and a delicious chocolate swirl ice cream. After supper, and a dinner lecture by Frank Sheppard, we went to the Piazza Navona .


Tuesday, August 31, 1971

GlobalSemester059 1

Left Rome at 2:40 PM and arrived at Athens at 4:30 PM.