The fourth Global Semester of St. Olaf College.

The country-named tabs will take you to excerpts from Don's and Mary's journals and letters home with some of their photographs included as illustrations. These pages have side comments and references, including Google Earth images of notable locations. (The Downloads section under the Miscellany tab has all of the KMZ location files if you'd like to put the locations into your own copy of Google Earth.)

The Albums tab will take you to all of our photographs, in chronological order. The album items include details such as the date, location, comments, and who is identifiable in each picture as well as the capability to view/download full-resolution (approximately 18 Mp) versions. Some pictures from reunions are also included under the Albums tab.

How well do you remember Allahabad? A page on the "rest of the story" of the Missionary House that we stayed in for five weeks is here.