The 1971-72 Global Semester, Day by Day

Tuesday, August 31, 1971

Our hotel room (Hotel Acadimos) is much bigger than the one in Rome.


It has its own bathroom and a balcony. It’s clean except for the floor, which looks pretty scuzzy, and the rugs, which are dirty. The door locks with a skeleton key and it’s all hacked up like it’s been broken into. The restaurant is nice. It is larger than the one in Rome and the waiters are very business-like and slightly obnoxious. Dinner was soup, beef, potatoes (fried in chunks), and ice cream. We walked around outside tonight. The squares and fountains in the city are modern ones decorated by flowers and surrounded by modern buildings with neon signs – very colorful ones.


Wednesday, September 1, 1971

Breakfast like Rome – rolls and jelly and coffee or tea. We had to pay extra for orange juice. We went on a bus tour from 9:30 to noon, mainly of the Acropolis.


Lunch at the hotel was macaroni and cheese, chicken, greasy french fries, carrots and peas, and tomatoes and cucumbers, and watermelon. At 2:30 this afternoon we left for Cape Sounion where the Temple of Poseidon is located. It was about 48 miles and took about 1-1/2 hours. We sat on the beach for 2 hours.


Thursday, September 2, 1971

We have to leave Athens a day earlier than originally planned because the flight from Jerusalem to Addis Ababa has been moved up a day. So we won’t get to have a free day in Athens.

We walked to the National Archaeological Museum in the morning. Left for the airport at 1:15 PM. It was raining when we left. Our flight was delayed so we got into Tel Aviv at sunset, about 6:30 PM.