genealogy and family history of the Carlson, Ellingboe, Everson and Johnson families of Minnesota and Wisconsin
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Cora meets Maurice

"Then Aunt Martha came down there for a visit and she wanted me to go back to Minneapolis with her so I did. Dad said if I could stay two weeks he would eat his hat he was so sure that I would get homesick. I stayed three months so I wrote and told him he better start eating his hat. I met Maurice three days after I got to Minneapolis. He was with the kids that met at my aunt's place to go to church. They all sang in the choir. He had a girlfriend named Helen Hall. I liked him the first time I met him. Three days later, he called my aunt and asked her if he could take me to the show. She said he could ask me so he did and that was how I met Maurice. Maurice's dad had a hardware store on 38th and Chicago at the time. They had an old car they delivered things in. One day he drove by and stopped so I said why don't you take me for a ride. He said not in this old car so he went home and said he wanted a new car. His dad bought him a new car then he called my aunt to see if she would let me go with him in his new car with his folks but that I would have to come stay overnight at his house as they were going early in the morning. I told him he had to have his mother invite me to come and stay over night which he did and she did. That was the beginning. From that day on 'til I went back home we were together all the time."

This took place between September 8, 1914, until just before Christmas. Then Cora returned to Viroqua. She and Maurice wrote letters and, one day, Maurice just showed up in Viroqua; he hadn't told her that he was coming. He told his folks that he just went to see Cora.

Linked toFamily: CARLSON/ANDERSON (F6)

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