Google Earth has put up high-resolution images of our area of Allahabad. Back in November of 2007, when this Global site began, Google Earth had this:


That same view now looks like this:


And a closer view looks like this:


In these images, I have shown the Google Earth “thumbtack” markers that I have included for Kwality and the Missionary House in the Downloads (in Miscellany) since the site began (and before the high-resolution images appeared on Google Earth). I’m pretty sure that the Kwality location is correct. I confirmed it from some contemporary maps. However, my question for anyone from the first four or five Global Semesters is: have I located the Missionary House correctly? I suspect that I haven’t and that the correct location is about halfway between the current thumbtack and the traffic circle to the west. I would appreciate knowing how the rest of you remember this. (Click on the Contact Me link at the bottom of this page and send me an e-mail.)

It does appear to me that the Missionary House, and the compound as we knew it, is gone and that something else has been added or altogether replaced what we all remember.

If you don’t want to download the thumbtack and want to peruse the area for yourself on Google Earth, the road in front of the compound that we remember as Kutchery Road is now called Mahatma Gandhi Marg.