The Global Semester included five academic courses, one each taught by local instructors in Ethiopia, India, Taiwan, and Japan, and one taught throughout the five months by Dr. Narum. These five courses, with the addition of a couple of others, allowed the Global participants to claim a major in Asian Studies in addition to their regular major.

The five courses for our Global Semester were (as described by the red handbook):

Socio-Cutural Developments in the Non-Western World

Philosophy GS 57

Eastern Thought. An exercise in comparative philosophy and religion with principal emphasis on major features of thinking and valuing shown in significant reading material and exemplified in the mode of life prevalent among the peoples of the Orient. (Offered throughout the Global Semester by Dr. Narum.)

History GS 47

The history of Ethiopia and East Africa. East Africa as seen within the context of the historical development of Ethiopia, the continent's oldest nation. (Offered by Haile Selassie I University.)

Economics GS 45

Economic Ideologies: Gandhiism versus Marxism. The mechanics of socio-economic change. Gandhi's idealistic and humanistic approach versus Marxian dialectic materialism. (Offered by Wm. Holland University College.)

Interdisciplinary 41

The Civilization of China. Traditional arts and literature of the Chinese people. Lectures and field trips. Special emphasis on the visual arts as manifested in the magnificent collection in the National Palace Museum of Taipei. (The content of this course was still preliminary at the time the red book was printed.)

Art 71

The Arts of Japan. Lectures and demonstrations, field trips within the city of Kyoto. The developments of architecture, garden design, painting, graphic art, sculpture, pottery. (Offered by Kyoto University.)

The textbook for Narum's class was Ways of Thinking of Eastern Peoples by Hajime Nakamura.


We had several introductory lectures in late April and early May of 1971.

April 26 Roy Klavitter: The American in Thailand
April 27 Rodney Grubb: The Politics of Southeast Asia
April 29 Grosfield and others: The Arts of Japan
April 30 Omar Otterness: Religions of the Orient
May 4 Bill Narum: The Philosophy of the Orient

Over the summer we were all supposed to read Wax and Gold (on Ethiopia) as well as the multi-volume Chapters in Indian Civilization.